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you'll see me up in the skyway

so. NoisePop. Over and Out.

I saw four shows, sold out ones where I was able to sneak my way into shows agaisnt seemingly impossible odds and the balance of the world not within my favor. okays that being a bit overdramatic but I felt the need to sensationalize this post a bit.

on thursday nite, nite one of NoisePop, we're able to get into not one, but TWO shows. We waltz through Grand Archives and their fanstastic set of 70's am gold music. as soon as the set was over, even though we had been told, that Blitzen Trapper was Sold Out, I begrudgingly made David brave the cold and tough it out in an attempt to get in. though he knew my motive for seeing the show wasn't really the show itself. but no need to elaborate on that. but eventually, my motivation caught up with me. I got lazy and depended on a friend to make/break something. it was clearly not my shining moment. but I was in satisifaction when I saw the 'other' person there. overweight and clearly unattentive. it was a small victory.

but for the most part. it moved us on nite no.2. Friday nite. I sat at my desk, looking at my computer screen when a text message was sent my way. 'you going to the show tonite? you know you want it.' and I thought...'f*** work. I'm going.' on my way there, I get a phone call, 'you know its sold out?' and I reply, 'I'll get one from a scalper.' or some trying to get rid of their tickets. what happens when I get there? a guy needing to get rid of his ticket, sells me his ticket. voila. I'm in. The show itself, while entertaining was dominated by the steely dance moves of four concert goers who felt the need to fully display their uncoordinated ballet upon me and nicole. I took it in jest but my patience clearly was wearing thin except for the commentary that Nicole and I.

saturday. I saw the Virgins. it was an awesome show. never has a lineup of bands left me so satisfied and so deaf that I didn't mind the lack of hearing that was made available after the show. there was a bit of drama. at one point, I almost left bc of how ridiculus it was getting. but I stuck it out. as I was advised to 'not let the bad guy win.' in retrospect, it was a better decision. the post-show intrigue was by far the most telling of all aspects of the nite. having to clutch her to the car and possibly push away any shenanigans that might come to entice her, it was an entertaining evening spent trying to find a cab, eating brie and bagette with italian meat in a parking lot of safeway at 3am and eventually conceding to her restive demands to be left off in the Richmond district.

on Sunday, I made into the 'She & Him.' It was a very good show. Zooey Deschanel was clearly nervous, aimlessly staring into space and barely registering a glance to the crowd. while a very cool and confident Matthew Ward ran around the stage like 50's bandstand leader crooning the crowd with bellowed wonderment as the echo's of his reverb jaggered into their country-rock songs of love and hate and country covers breathed into the ears of the crowd.

the show was short and sweet. not lingering on too long but leaving the crowd obviously wanting more. as the lights came up, I headed out with a renewed confidence that maybe, I should finally put my money where my mouth is and embark on the musical adventure I've delayed for two years. I haven't played a show since 2003. while I have every excuse not to. but for most part. I don't really write singer/songwriter music. I write music for bands. I need a drum, a bass, another guitarist. thats what I need. so I'm going to start collectively trying to find other musicians.

through my friends, I have Steve. his motivation is often questionable. to him, its a leisure. nothing he see's a future in. his talent is there. its obvious. people prefer is melodic tones of country infused rockabilly than the grounded distortion and 70's rock revival I often produce. while I can churn out the occasional soft song, for the most part, Steve is the better musician for his ability to write a playful tune that could even be appropriate for the golden age of our civilization. I prefer to hide behind an anthemic veil of Stadium Volume.

for the better part, I spent the last four days at venues. dwindling my funds and donating them to the venues of San Francisco. there are worse things to give my money to. so I'm glad. every little dollar helps keeps these places going.

I also invested myself into acquainting myself with someone new. someone, whose company I throughly enjoyed. at times, I was lost for words. nervous with sully thoughts on my own intellectual capacity to conjure up something witty. but I detest that feeling of lost of words and shy nervousness that creates one liners and uncomfortable asperse colorful remarks that sometimes clouds my thinking. hopefully, she wasn't too offended by it. I don't think so.

but you know me, filled with trepidations and an inability to communicate with new people. querulous of my inability to communicate properly. but thats just what I am.

a multi-racial, Irish musician. who's eyes of mischief according to some, belie my actually ability to get my point straight across. but I'm coy. with women esp. never really one to let it all out in the open. often playing the 'friend' card. okay this has nothing to do with what I was talking about.

let me just say. I need a drink.
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