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'till the tide creeps in

lately, I've lack a lot of confidence in things. I've been second guessing myself and at times feel like I've been falling behind categorically in everything. its been plaguing my mental health and lately, I've had a feeling of discontent wave over me.

its something I can't explain. its as though I mentally have retreated into a cave and have turned my back on the light. I dunno what's going on. and its got nothing to do with anything.

I dunno. its just a bizarre feeling. maybe its my physical and mental exhaustion after a very long week of birthday dinners, going out, parties, school and other things.

I can't.

btw, I'm off to LA aka Hell, for four days in March (6-10) to visit the Devil (tasha), so if anyone else is free and in the area, call me/text me/email me. you know people like Kyle, Emily, Veronika?
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