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Its A Feeling that Embraces Us in the Cold Air Christmas Joy

its funny how at Christmas time, our human nature devolve ourselves into a sign of the times.

we show our greatest potential at this time. we give way to mercy and compassion. we give way to love and the seasons. we see a small glimpse of what we are capable of for just a few short weeks where selfish convictions go by the wayside and we determine ourselves in the spirit of giving. we awaken on Christmas morning, sometimes with the giddy laughter we had as a child sometimes with the warmth of our hearts, simply applied from a smile and a sense of joy.

we have a love and sympathy for the suffering in the world. we poor our change into donations at the little red can outside the shop as a volunteer rings in the generosity with one quick swing of his or her's bell like a reindeer sleighing through on Christmas Eve. But this will all fade. Once the holidays are over that change that come over us for a brief shiny few weeks will melt away like the snow in the April. and with it, so will everything else. every year, the story ends the same. we start the year on a high note. full of dreams and acting the role of a fool as a dreamer and every year it ends the same.

thats just human nature. and thats just the way we are.
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