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the worst of 2008

I'm sure to write the best and I am sure some of my friends will repeat with more hilarious.

10. The Worst Sport Team of the Year:
- the Chicago Cubs: there's no team that cockteases like a vegas showgirl than the Chicago Cubs. They bring you in and smack you across the face. why so many people devote themselves to such a team is beyond me. don't get me wrong, I am a Red Sox fan and went through my own ordeal but....they won. and have won. the Cubs, its like asking every year if she'll marry you to only receive a no. its just such a sadist relationship its best left to a De Sade Novel or greek tragedy. its undeniably.

9. The Worst Disappointment:
- The San Jose Sharks 2007-2008: I have followed this team since its inception and while I am a Bruins fan, I still follow the sharks. but last year, was the final straw. how many second rounds must one watch and resign themselves that this team lacks the gall and bravado to be a championship team. Carolina and Tampa Bay have won championships and Washington has even been to the Finals. the Sharks? not even close.

8. the worst song of the year:
- Britney Spears - Womanizer
wow. this was a hard one. there was stiff competition from anythign Soulja Boy did to Lil' Wayne, to Madonna's new single, Nickelback, Buckcherry, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Pink's 'So What' and 'Raising McCain' to Katy Perry to my beloved Oasis. its been high crap all year long. and yes, I'll do a top ten list of terrible songs (and the best ones) of 2008. But one can only say that crappy loops and awful lyrics don't provide stimulation. its the awful. awful.

7. the worst movie of the year:
- 10,000 BC
I wish I could write a full review. but I can't. I watched 44 minutes. and yes, thats pushing it before I realized how bad it was.

6. the Show/Episode of the Year

- How I Met Your Mother

I love this show. but overall, the third season while marred with mess after mess. it was overall inconsistent and often times lacking an overall story line.

5. the Worst Book of the Year

- Thomas Friedman 'Hot, Flat and Crowded'

now I only nominate this book bc a right wing republican friend of mine loved it. therefore. its got to be awful.

4. Worst Campaign of the Year:

- John Edwards

being a former VP and Presidential nominee should have given someone valuable experience in how to run a better one. instead, people in this country to quote Chris Rock, didn't want a white guy in office so thats why Barack and Hillary were the contenders.

3. Worst Product of the Year

- the new iPod.

its ugly.

2. Worst Trend of the Year

fixies. when did riding a bike become so cool? I can put the amount it would cost to get a fixie to a new car.

1. Worst Event of the Year

- the Recession.

lets be honest. we're in a recession. so badly that college students can't get jobs. thats how bad it is. don't try and fool yourself. we're in one. but I see hope and light coming at the end of 2008. I see 2009 full of promise. full of hope. Barack Obama in 2009.
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