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the year Chicago won.

forgive me if you feel I'm going to jinx this. but could this be their year?

now I only say this to you in superficial terms in terms asthetic pleasing. as I don't live in the city nor do I know of any other inter workings or interests in their local politics. I can't quoted for community trends, inward observations other than that I have read from a national level.

but I can say with some qualification is that, I believe that, this year could be their year.

the year a bi-racial president is elected and with one voice, we say to the world, that we have walked away from our past. we have moved onto into the 21st century and that together as Americans, we have shown years of progress that have finally culmulated into the first bi-racial and african american President. a man who is the essence of movement and a child of a new world order in which the color of your skin is no longer seen as the factor of your ability to delievery on promise and change. that the sins of an older generation are slowly being cleansed from the stain of our fingers and the lingering conservative nature of our conscientiousness is no longer a viable solution to the problems that face our country. that together, black, white, latino that we can extend the hands to our brothers and sisters and find a sense of opportunity for advancement and that nothing, no one and no place is ever going to hold us back. that he became who he was from an international stage and owned his craft in one of the most of racially segregated cities in America, is testament to the breaking down of barriers that were often seen as too high to climb and too hard to overcome.

and yet here he is. the first minority to ascend to the top of a presidential ticket. on the precipice of a victory in the most important election in 20 years. when historians look back at this year, they will see that when handed this opportunity, America, rose up, stood up and together, we said 'yes, we can.' when offered a chance to show to the past and declare to the future that the American dream and the american promise is still there and its not just available to the elite. but available to all.

even the Blackhawks have come back from the graveyard of sports team dynasty. with shrew drafting and a promising young core of players from their goalie to Patrick Kane to Brian Campbell, this team is lock and loaded like the Ducks team of 2007. they're young, brash and full of a glow intended only to shine in June in hoisting up Lord Stanely's Cup, the most revered trophy in sports. in a game that is played with speed and finesse this club has the options, and the depth and the team to come out on top. by adding a top of the line defenseman with suberb offensive skills like watching Tom Brady on ice, its a wonder why many others in Chicago don't see it coming. but coming, they are. and mark my words, they could be hoisting the Stanely Cup in June. with a ticker tape parade. processions in the streets and hatchets all but buried on a past that many will soon forget like an old receipt. they're ready for it. and for anyone else that stands in their way as well.

yet in the rest of the city, the population is preparing for sports in a fashion that hasn't been around since world war II. the city is quickly becoming a sports hot bed filled with teams with the potential to succeed and claim victory. its universities are creating a furor in the college sports world with competing teams and its professional level can possibly claim four championships this year. from the MLS Chicago Fire, who's spirited and passionate fans chant in unison like a choir preaching to the faithful that a championship is due and that their very own superstar, a jocose figure of a man, Blanco is far more entertaining that a shirtless Brit from Los Angelese. They are coming toward a championship.

Even the Chicago Bears are seen as possible contenders two years removed from their last Super Bowl appearance. re armed and re tooled the team is ready for it again. with menacing juggernauts in their ways, the team has improved a flaky offense and regroup and reunited a defense considered one of the best in the league. With Urlancher and co. ready to rush the gates, they're a team to be seen.

but most of all, what is Chicago without its too cursed teams? the Sox and Cubbies are seen together fighting for their baseball lives as a season hangs on in the balance. much like a horse race that goes the distance or the tortoise that runs agaisnt the hare, the Cubs and the Sox are ready for battle and are approaching the post season with a cautious optimism that can only be found in the forum of Wrigley Field. The Cubs will flirt for the first time with a championship with a team armed with a brimming confidence last seen on the idiots of the Boston Red Sox of 2004. Curses? to them, they're not even old enough to remember such a time or even have the word tattooed to their conscience. yet they bulldoze on to a finish line with very little in resistence, a team from top to bottom the darling of the league and built meticulously through trades, drafts and sacrifice. for the first time since 2003, the team is entering with high hopes and high expectations and the league is waiting for it to happen.

may this be the year that Chicago rose to its feet and said. 'yes, we can.'
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