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I Just Think You're So Pleasant

very few times are we, well, us, do appreciate that we do live in a very grand and beautiful state. California with its diverse landscape accompanied with the particular brand, sets it apart from the rest. we have culture, we have mountains, foothills, beaches, a diverse population and even its own brand of cooking style.

San Francisco is a touchstone into that. heck the surrounding area from down south to Monterrey to North to Tahoe to the west of Napa and Marin to the East in the valley, it all has its own majesty to collect and recollect memories, feelings, desires and clear headed thinking.

I've only really noticed it lately. I've always basked in the pride of this state. always pronouncing myself in my travels as a citizen of California. and could tell you a plentiful amount of facts of the state and cities. I've realized I only really know the history and maps like the back of my hand to only a handful of cities in the world. San Francisco, London, Paris, Rome and Dublin. I've always had a strange interests in the history of a city.

anyways, enough of the dreamy. Spring approaches and not a moment too soon. the next two months ought to be an interesting one and starts off with this week. Boston Red Sox Vs. Oakland A's. Tuesday nite. followed by me writing this 12 page paper which I plan to start tomorrow. Lynsey's sister is visiting from the 10th through the 20th and I promised I would tour guide when I could them around the city and beyond.

May is visiting Seattle with Eleanor and Lynsey. hopefully, I can get Justin to go. then I dunno. I want to do something this summer. NYC? I dunno. I want to do something. I only have a limited window this summer of traveling. Marlène is still hopefully coming this summer. which should be entertaining but I'm also hoping my other French sister comes to visit as well. as I haven't seen her in almost over a year. hopefully she comes soon.

anyways. this post is pointless.
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