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To Be Someone

so here I go on another rant. after my blog on sex and relationships on myspace, which apparently, people actually enjoyed, I've decided to possibly tone this one down. though, if you're interested, just read the blog on my myspace. its the same thing basically but I didn't post it here, for I don't know why other than laziness.

its just one of those things where I just couldn't be bothered. so today...I feel a bit wide eyed and restless. I have nothing to study for. I finished my midterms. I have an essay due yesterday but I'm just going to turn it in friday and leave it in her box. yes, I know laziness but I can't be bothered when I still yet to begin to research the topic I have for the 12 page paper. that...I will begin this weekend. saturday will be dedicated to the task at hand. I've got a list. now, I just need to make more of it.

its about the Tet Offensive and the Media portrayal of it, impact and legacy. its fairly easy. there's plenty about it.

anyways...so this evening. will basically be about the conversations.

conversations I've been having with...people??

when it came down to it...we started debating and talking about the selection of mates and why our friends or just other people in general choose the mates we have.

there is a myriad of reason why we are attracted to whom we are attracted to and believe it or not, we do have a dating pattern. the similarities in the women I've dated and chased are vast and long. from their personalities and intelligence to their unique features and things about them that make me melt. but its ultimately a conglomart of qualities that justify the ends to the means.

for the better part of the last few weeks, I've been attracted to a woman whom I almost deem near perfect. well, to me at the least. some friends have said she does contain certain warnings. shite...she's coming over now. this song reminds me of her.
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